Drones + CS

= students solving problems

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Using Drones to Teach CS

Use a Ryze Tello in your classroom to assist student minds to take off with CS.
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Make an Arduino Payload

Directions on making an Arduino payload to strap to your drone to collect some useful sensor data.
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Drones and Ag

Use your drone, different kinds of cameras, and some software to make really useful maps
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What's the buzz

Join our Piazza classroom to become part of our drone CS community and get help with your drones and CS: Merced College, Drone Tech 101

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We now offer both the Drone Technology and Drone Media Certificated pathways at Merced College. Some of these classes are being articulated to our local High Schools.

More Computer Technology pathways

Check out the other Computer Technology pathways

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Computer Technology and Information Systems Pathways
The Computer Technology and Information Systems degree, certificates, and classes offer a student to learn computer technology skills, problem solving, programming and computational thinking. Students also achieve certificates and degrees that can be used for a new career, or career advancement, in the tech industry.
Merced College Computer Science Pathways are successful and built on proven methodologies and best-practices. Read More
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