Drones + CS

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Using Drones to Teach CS

Use a Ryzo Tello in your classroom to assist student minds to take off with CS.
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Make an Arduino Payload

Directions on making an Arduino paload to strap to your drone to collect some useful sensor data.
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Drone Mapping

Use your drone, different kinds of cameras, and some software to make really useful maps
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What's the buzz

Join our Piazza classroom to become part of our drone CS community and get help with your drones and CS: Merced College, Drone Tech 101

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These are future pathways that are being created - the blue pathway is the only pathway currently being offered as of Fall 2018. The colored-in ovals are classes that are articulated, or are being articulated, to the local High Schools.

More Comptuational High School pathways

Check out the other High School Computational Science pathways

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Merced Colleges' Coordinator and Professor of Computer Science, Kathy Kanemoto, was chosen to participate in Google's 2018 FIR (Faculty In Residence) Program
Google hosted the second iteration of its Faculty in Residence program this summer. 21 CS faculty members, who serve underrepresented students from 20 institutions, were invited to spend 4 weeks in an immersive learning experience, working as a cohort at Google’s Mountain View headquarters. The cohort explored hands-on, project based learning workshops and resources to augment their curriculum, discussed industry expectations, learned more about the technical interviewing process, and immersed themselves in Google’s engineering culture. The program provided faculty the time, space, and opportunity to collaborate with each other in the creation of learning materials that will be applied in their classrooms when they return to campus this fall. Faculty also provided Google partners with important insights that will help our teams continue to advance their commitment to diversity and inclusion for both Googlers and users.
For expansions or feature articles/interviews, please remember you can always check with press@google.com if you have questions and email fir-questions@google.com as well.
Merced College Computer Science Pathways are successful and built on proven methodologies and best-practices. Read More
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