Computer Science Pathways

are successful and built upon proven practices.


Transferable Classes

All of our classes for Computer science are tranferable and have been approved for c-id descriptors as described in the AS-T degree and decreed by Senate Bil 1440 - SB1440. For more info on the AS-T degrees and c-id descriptors please visit:

Articulated Classes

We have also articulated all of our classes to many Universitys and Colleges, which leads to an easy transfer to a 4 year institution. Check out the articulation with the tool at their website

Creating Alliances

We currently our a part of the CASI INCLUDES Alliance and with this the SSTEM Scholarship Grant. To read more about the S-STEM grant look here. We are making new Alliances and creating more opportunities for our students, look below!

Professor Kanemoto at Merced College is currently working with UC Merced, Fresno State, and drone experts to create new pathways for undergrad research opportunities. Check it out.
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Drone Pathways

*The ovals represent a 3 unit class taken at Merced College

Take a look at the degrees we currently offer at Merced College in Computer Science:
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Current CS Classes at Merced College

Take a look at our current classes:

Creating these pathways will enable more students to graduate with a STEM degree, helping to solve the National Crisis of a lack of STEM Professionals. Read more
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