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Stanislaus State Hackathon

Sign up to attend the fun and exciting Stanislaus State Hackathon!! Beginners Welcome!

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A hackathon is an event where anyone with an interest in technology can attend to learn about technology, build a project, and share it over the course of a weekend to win prizes and more! People from all disciplines, regardless of their experience in programming, are welcome to participate. Learn more and Sign up for…
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GMiS Travel Scholarship

Apply now to attend the GMiS Conference happening in Pasadena in October, see the flier for more details and to apply for a scholarship to cover your travel expenses, so you can attend this awesome conference!

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Merced College student teams’ win the UC Merced hackathon, “Moonshot” and “Health and Wellness“ categories

Students Win Hackathon Written by Professor Kanemoto, Merced College Hackathons are a place where students can work as a team and be able to grow and show their programming skills.  It was an adventure for .. .. and .. to enter this hackathon.  They learned about the hackathon, and how to prepare from our CAHSI…
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2023 CS4Me Day at UC Merced

Sign up early to get first priority.

Los Altos Hacks VII, April 8-9

Los Altos High School and the Operations Director of Los Altos Hacks VII, a 24-hour high school hackathon taking place on April 8-9, 2023, at the Juniper Aspiration Dome in Sunnyvale, CA. We help inspire programmers of all skill levels to fall in love with technology and programming. The success of our first six events…
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Drone Racing League is FREE – and Fly the Google Cloud Cup Challenge!

Want to be a professional DRL Pilot? Start practicing now 👀 The DRL SIM, DRL’s true-to-life drone racing simulator game, is FREE on Epic Games today through October 6th. Download now to learn to fly like the pros.  DOWNLOAD Win a trip to DRL’s Championship Race! Sign up for the Google Cloud Fly Cup Challenge…
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A hackathon put on by HackerEarth, one of the largest online developer communities that works with organizations all over the world to help them to connect with developers. They organize hackathons where students get a chance to develop their skills, get in front of industry leaders, and win prizes. They are currently working with IBM and…
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CS4Me Day 2022 A Success

Our Annual CAHSI CS4Me Day was a success! Thank you to all of the guest speakers, students and professors who made it so great. Here are some of the pics and highlights from Saturday, April 9th: Link to our hackathon activity, which involved flying and programming Tello drones. Thank you to our judges: Dr. Megan…
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Google Code Jam 2022!

Time is running out to register for Code Jam 2022! The Qualification Round begins on Friday, April 1 @ 23:00 UTC so make sure to register today! Why register for Code Jam?Join a global community of coders so that you can connect with programmers from around the world. This is your one chance to collaborate while participating, as…
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