Grand Canyon University Live Lessons


Grand Canyon University Live Lessons

Grand Canyon University is excited to announce GCU LIVE Lesson scheduling is now open for Spring 2023. After our busiest semester yet, this spring will feature more lesson availability than ever. Watch the video below to learn more and begin booking your sessions now!

LIVE Lessons are hands-on, college-level activities created by our program experts and conducted through a web-hosted presentation. GCU offers a catalog of lesson plans designed to give students like yourself an opportunity to learn more about a potential major and career path.

See how it works here on this youTube link.
LIVE Lessons require access to Zoom, Google Suite or Microsoft Teams. GCU will pay for all additional materials, including shipping. Best of all, you’re able to choose the lesson that best fits your needs and interests.

Learn more about GCU Live Lessons or to schedule a lesson, visit the link below:

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