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CTI Accelerate

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Are you a first year/freshman or second year/sophomore CS student? Have you thought about doing an internship, but aren’t sure how to go about getting one?

CTI Accelerate is a new, free program offered by the Computing Talent Initiative that will guide you through preparing for and connecting with a meaningful internship/project experience in summer 2024.

  1. If you are interested, visit CTI Accelerate website to learn about the program.
  2. Make sure to watch the video on the page: youtube video about the program
  3. Submit the application on the same webpage. Final Deadline:  May 29, 2023.

About CTI Accelerate

What is it:

A series of modules/live lessons where students practice interview problem solving, get professional development support, receive guidance in their internship search, and connect with industry mentors and recruiters

When will it run:

The third cohort will run June 2023 – August 2024; students can expect to spend 8-10 hours/week

Who is it for:

It’s targeted at students in the early stages of their CS education (i.e. who are taking or recently took Intro to Programming/CS1)

Results from this current year:

The second year of the CTI Accelerate program has shown a lot of promise, and we are hoping to build on it to serve the next cohort of students. 

  • We had 124 students complete an open source micro-internship experience working in teams of 3 (4-week, 10 hours/week, open source project experience mentored by an engineer from the industry).
  • 39 of the 50 teams submitted a pull-request to the project addressing an open issue, 9 developed a draft pull-request.
  • Apart from the micro-internship experiences, we are on track to increase the number of students who will have a meaningful summer experience to 80 in Summer 2023.

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