Become a CAHSI Advocate


Become a CAHSI Advocate

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CAHSI Undergraduate Advocates work on efforts to promote computing students’ success. Undergraduate Advocates are provided support and training to ensure that they are able to manage the below duties and responsibilities. For information on CAHSI Advocates, visit

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work 10 hours a week to plan and engage students in activities that promote student success. Attend meetings with a local mentor and a regional Graduate Advocate to discuss and strategize efforts and report on progress of activities.  Facilitate communications
  • Positively interact with fellow Advocates and peers to promote student engagement and participation in professional development activities.
  • Connect through multiple communication platforms to respond to assignments and information requests.
  • Create presentations and flyers to increase CAHSI awareness and collect attendance for CAHSI activities.
  • Post opportunities and resource information on departmental social media pages.
  • Participate in professional development
  • Engage in professional development activities to enhance your communication and technical skills.
  • Document efforts in the CAHSI Engage tool, including uploading list of participants.
  • Attend the Great Minds in STEM conference and other CAHSI sponsored events.
  • Create a supportive environment
  • Collaborate with Advocates across the CAHSI network to increase impact of efforts.    
  • Share knowledge, resources, and experience to create a supportive environment.  For example, contribute to the Advocates blog, or assist new Advocates at your institution.

If you have any questions, please email Rosa Alfaro at

Or at Merced College, CAHSI Liaison, Kathy Kanemoto at

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