Merced College Science Fair Winners


Merced College Science Fair Winners

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We had a great Science Fair! Thank you to all our visitors and contestants!

High School

1st Place CS = Joshua, Buhach HS

2nd Place CS = Haley, Buhach HS

3rd Place CS = Isaiah and Nue, Buhach HS

1st Place STEM = Kayleen, Buhach HS

2nd Place STEM = Nathan, Chowchilla HS

3rd Place STEM = Maritza, Buhach HS


1st Place CS = Mulero, MC

2nd Place CS = Arnold, MC

3rd Place CS = Yeng, SJSU

1st Place STEM = Arnold, MC

2nd Place STEM = Alisson, MC

3rd Place CS = Mark, MC

pics added soon

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