Merced College Integration Bee


Merced College Integration Bee

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Thank you to everyone who helped make the return of the Integration Bee a huge success.   Here is a breakdown by the numbers:

  • 27 students signed up to take the qualifying test (and a few more just came to watch).¬†
  • We gave out $120 in raffle prizes.
  • We gave out $630 in Amazon gift cards to the top 16 contestants.
  • Participants ate 130 tacos.

All in all, we had a great turnout for our first year back.  Students braved the wacky weather today and went home with full bellies, most even left with a gift card. 

Thank you for sharing.  Thank you for donating.  Thank you for supporting the Integration Bee.

Kristi (:

Pictured below are the top two finishers with the last question: David (left) got $100 for 2nd place and Sea (right) got $250 for 1st place. 

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