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We’ve got a bunch of great events for you and your students to check out in April. We are still accepting applications for Fall 2021, and are excited to confirm that we will be partnering once again with Google to offer the Google CSSI: Extension program this summer. See it all in the newsletter below!

April Virtual Open House
After the success of our March Virtual Open House, we’re hosting another one to provide an additional opportunity to meet faculty and students at Make School!
Register to Attend the April Open House!

The Outcomes Talk, taking place Wednesday April 14, 2021 at 4:00 PM Pacific Time, will be a Q&A-style conversation with our Director of Career Outcomes & Talent Partnerships, Casey Spurgeon. Ask questions about how to get jobs in Tech, learn what Make School does differently to get our students amazing job outcomes, and decide if the Tech world is where you want to be!

Register for the Outcomes Talk!

Google CSSI: Extension Recap
CSSI: Extension is a free, four-week online introduction to computer science for students with a passion for technology. This is a hands-on, project-based program that will help students develop technical and soft skills, increase their confidence, and build a community that will support them throughout their journey at Make School. This program is designed for coders at every level, and we absolutely encourage students with no prior experience in computer science to apply!

To learn more, check out the video recording of Thursday’s webinar

Please note: While anyone can apply to the Google CSSI: Extension program, students must apply to and be enrolled at Make School to be eligible. The deadline to apply to Make School in order to be eligible for the CSSI: Extension program is Saturday, May 1 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Make School is hosting an accelerated admissions week to offer intensive support for new applicants, beginning with a virtual event on Saturday, April 17 at 11:00 AM Pacific Time.

During the following week, Monday April 19 through Friday April 23, students will have the opportunity to:Get one-on-one support from staff Receive TA support for Spark (our interactive coding puzzle) Meet with Financial Aid and Sit in on classes
Register for Accelerated Admissions Week!

The Latest at Make SchoolFall 2021 Updates
We are excited to confirm that Make School will have an on-campus learning experience available starting in Fall 2021. The “new normal” on-campus experience includes the option to live in housing and learn with peers, with risk-reduction and safety protocols like masks, reduced room occupancies, and hand sanitizing stations. We will still offer a fully online program for any students who want to remain remote.
More details to come as we get closer to Fall or as reopening guidance from the Department of Public Health changes.
March Student Outcomes

Congratulations to all the students who accepted offers in March!⁠⁠

Student Project Spotlight
Luke Parker, a Senior here at Make School, recently became the founder of the company Boundri, which was entered into the Holman Prize of 2021. ⁠

So what is Boundri? ⁠

It’s a device that strives to enhance orientation and mobility for the blind and visually impaired through the sense of touch. Its mission is to build a new mobility system for the blind and visually impaired that will allow seamless navigation and coordination within any given space. Boundri is unique as it focuses on achieving 3 main goals: having a tactile design, building a community, and creating an immersive universal design.⁠

Be sure to watch the full video and like to support! Also check out Luke’s website Boundri for more information.
⁠This Month’s Puzzle: Pet Show
Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash. Puzzle from
At the Pet Show recently I noticed that all except two of the entries were cats, all except two were dogs, and all except two were fish.

How many of each animal were at the Pet Show? The answer will be in the next newsletter!Answer to the last puzzle (Math Hats): A scientist gathered four math students. They were then lined up so that each one could see the one in front of them but not behind them. Each had a hat placed on their head.

So the student in the back could see the hats of the three students in front, but the student in front could not see any hats.

“There is a red hat, a white hat, a blue hat, and a hat that is a duplicate of one of those colors,” the scientist said.

Starting with the one in the back, each student was asked what color hat they were wearing. They all gave the correct answer!

What was the arrangement of the hats that made this possible?


The two front students are wearing the same color hats, this is the only way all of the students could know what color hat they were wearing.

Explanation: Call the colors A, B and CThe students in line have these colors: ABCCFirst student sees “BCC” (two colors and a duplicate) so says “A”2nd student sees “CC”, so knows he is “B”3rd student, using logic that the two previous students must have seen duplicates surmises he has a duplicate of the last remaining color and says “C”4th student applies similar logic and says “C”Want more coding fun?Join us on Twitch to participate in interactive streaming events with Make School staff and students. We are excited to explore the world of interactive coding education and online community gaming with you! Follow us on Twitch for notifications next time we go live.

Komal Desai
Make School

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