Become a CAHSI Scholar


Become a CAHSI Scholar

A CAHSI Student Scholar (CAHSI Scholar) is a student who exemplifies a spirit of tech exploration, inclusiveness, and community. CAHSI invites undergraduate students as well as graduate students who are pursuing a degree in a computing field and who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in technical knowledge and service to the community are eligible for this program. The 2021-22 cohort of CAHSI Scholars will be announced at the GMiS Conference in October 2021. Interested applicants should first read all content regarding this program.

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A CAHSI Scholar advocates for the Alliance and excels in these areas:

  1. Continuous professional and academic development as evidenced by a range of 21st century skills[1] and content knowledge. 
  2. Community engagement that is centered on promotion of diversity and inclusiveness with respect to culture, diverse perspectives, disabilities, ethnic origin, gender, and sexual orientation. 
  3. Social impact that bridges social needs or problems with tech-based or tech-inspired solutions. 

Purpose of the CAHSI Scholar Designation:

  1. Position students to respond to the challenges and opportunities in the tech world in an informed and purposeful way so that they are better prepared as the next generation of leaders in computing. 
  2. Recognize students who have made significant contributions to their community whether that be their school community, neighborhood community, online community, or other conceived community. 
  3. Promote the breadth of talent at CAHSI institutions. 
  4. Empower student leaders with platforms to further student success amongst their peers. 

Contact Professor Kanemoto with questions and more about applying for this opportunity!

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