Lyft data science internship for summer 2022


Lyft data science internship for summer 2022

Interested in pursuing a data science internship for summer 2022?  Read on.

WHAT: Data Science at Lyft Info Session

WHEN: Thursday, July 29th from 3:00pm – 4:15pm PT

WHO: Lyft team (interns, new grad, recruiter) + student attendees


Note: Students will need a Canvas profile to RSVP for this webinar. If you don’t already have a profile, please sign up when RSVPing. 

  • Data Science, Decisions internships – these are more like “data analyst” roles, where there’s heavier focus on working with, exploring and drawing insights from large sets of data, experimentation, A/B testing, using SQL, and communicating data insights to stakeholders.  These roles influence human decisions.  These roles are open to undergrads and masters students. 
  • Data Science, Algorithms internships – these are more like “research scientist” roles, and the focus is on building models and coding, oftentimes machine learning models.  There are also specializations in Optimization, Machine Learning, and Inference/Statistics.  Most of the candidates for these roles are masters and PhD candidates. 

Here is an article that goes more into detail about the different roles.  Citizenship is not a requirement – we do have a lot of students who are international students who are studying in the U.S. on F-1 visas, and they are eligible for these internships. 

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