Silicon Valley Cybersecurity Conference (SVCC 2021)


Silicon Valley Cybersecurity Conference (SVCC 2021)

December 2-3, 2021 (Now taking place virtually)


Check our program: Research, Free Capture-of Flag, Datathon, and Poster tracks!!!

Learning and Exploring Cybersecurity Research & Career With Experts. 

Register Deadline: November 27, 2021

Featured Keynote Speakers

• Houman Homayoun, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Davis
• Sean Peisert, Staff Scientist, Berkeley Lab, CA
• Aniket Kate, Associate Professor, Computer Science, Purdue University
• Antonio Mauro, Professor, University of Northwest
• Lorena Manco, Researcher, University of Northwest
• Radhika Rastogi, Senior Manager, Cyber Technical, Capital One (for Cybersecurity Career Talk) 

Research Papers

The annual Silicon Valley Cybersecurity Conference (SVCC) has high-quality research papers and a special research forum in the security of networks, systems, hardware, blockchain, and IoT. The final program will be available on the conference website

Please check the current conference program.

Capture-the-Flag (CTF)

We offer an interactive and one-hour-long CTF competition game. The cybersecurity CTF game is designed for everybody from the students who only took introductory programming and engineering courses to the cybersecurity researchers who have more experience in cybersecurity, as there are many flags with varying difficulties/points. We provide Amazon Gift Card ($50) for the top 5 winners.

UNiSEC Datathon & Poster

We have a guest speaker from Berkeley Lab to celebrate our cybersecurity competition and give a research talk.

Stay up-to-date with the event by joining our SVCSI website.  

For inquiries about our conference event, email us at
On behalf of SVCC PC chairs,Sang-Yoon Chang, UCCSLuis Bathen, IBM Research
Fabio Di Troia, SJSU

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