March 14 for the CITRIS AgBag with David Zilberman


March 14 for the CITRIS AgBag with David Zilberman

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We are delighted to host Dr. David Zilberman on Monday, March 14 at 12-1p for the online and in-person on CITRIS Research on Ag-Food-Tech AgBag Seminar titled “Innovation and Supply Chains in Agriculture.” Dr. Zilberman is the lead agricultural economist on the UC Merced-led LACA: []Labor and Automation in California Agriculture (funded by UCOP Multicampus Research Program and Initiative) partner and UC Berkeley Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics. He will provide his research and insights on innovation and supply chains in agriculture. 

CITRIS Research on Ag-Food-Tech AgBagDr. David Zilberman “Innovation and Supply Chains in Agriculture”12-1p, Monday, March 14, 2022

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Innovation and Supply Chains in Agriculture This seminar will explore conceptual frameworks encompassing the issues and strategies associated with agricultural innovation (in product, technology, or system) and the food supply chain. To ‘implement the innovation in terms of procurement of feedstock (intermediate inputs), production and processing, and marketing, the innovating firm undertakes strategic design of its supply chain. The firm must decide a) how much to produce, b) what segments of the supply chain to undertake in-house versus sourcing externally, and c) what institutions such as contracts and standards it will use to coordinate the suppliers assuring its external sourcing. 

This seminar highlights the importance of studying technological change within the context of multi-stage supply chains, relying on findings from economics, engineering, and other disciplines. It emphasizes that markets, firms, and products are the endogenous outcomes of innovation and product supply chains. It suggests that supply and demand are interdependent, with firms engaging in marketing activities to generate demand. Firms that control innovations must account for how their decisions will affect the structure of the product markets they establish. Government regulations of markets must balance the incentive for innovation with the consequences of excessive market power. We argue that more attention to supply chain design and function will improve efforts to mitigate climate change and address food security and health challenges.

Speaker Bio

David Zilberman has been a professor in the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department since 1979 where he holds the Robinson Chair. He is the cofounder and co-director of the BEAHRS Environmental Leadership Program (ELP), and is the director of the Master of Development Practice (MDP). David writes both for professional journals and the general public, and aims to integrate economic theory to real world problems in both developed and developing countries. He is also an extension specialist, and co-editor of ARE UpdateDavid is a fellow of the American Agricultural Economics Association and the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. He has published in various fields on the Economics of agriculture, environment, technology and risk, and is most proud of his students and collaborators (we will provide the link to page on personal blog that includes all past students and post docs, we are still working on it). David completed his B.A. in Economics and Statistics from Tel Aviv University in Israel and his PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from U.C. Berkeley. 

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