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Cybersecurity Camp

Check out this awesome cybersecurity summer research camp

Cybersecurity REU at UNC Charlotte, College of Computing and Informatics

Research Experiences for Undergraduates – Summer 2021, June 01 – August 03 UNC Charlotte, College of Computing and Informatics Making Future Communities protect : cybersecurity expand : virtual and augmented reality enhance : design user experiences build : 3D print anything What Is REU? Since 2006 the REU program at UNC Charlotte has been engaging undergraduates in computing research projects…
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Cybersecurity Workshop

Cybersecurity is experiencing an extreme shortage of qualified professionals and is one of the fastest growing industries in the world! GCU recognizes the demand for cybersecurity careers and invites you and your students to our FREE Cyber Center of Excellence Workshops to learn more about this high-paying, dynamic field. Gain real-world, hands-on experience using advanced…
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Silicon Valley Cyber Security Conference

SILICON VALLEY CYBERSECURITY CONFERENCE December 17 – 19, 2020 Now Taking Place Virtually Call for Papers  The annual Silicon Valley Cybersecurity Conference (SVCC) focuses on research in dependability, reliability, and security to address cyber-attacks, vulnerabilities, faults, and errors in networks and systems. This conference is a forum to present research in robustness and resilience in a wide spectrum of computing systems…
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Cyber Security Hackathon

Sign up for a hackthon: (Links to an external site.) Hackathons bring tech-savvy people together in a collaborative setting to solve problems, advance a technology or produce another type of positive outcome. One of the issues hackathons can address is cybersecurity. On December 19, 2020 (Saturday), this conference organizes two hackathon events in network security and…
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