Computer Science Pathways

Opportunities for our students

Check out these awesome Technical Internship opportunities offered by Google

There are many internship opportunites at Google!

Software Engineering Internship Program

  • * Students can intern in our Google offices globally.
  • * The minimum duration of an internship is 3 months.
  • * Internships are paid, full-time and the start and end date is flexible.
  • * Students can indicate their preference for location and project, but it is subject to project availability and fit
  • * Application Opens: August/September

Engineering Practicum Program

  • * For first/second year students studying CS, this is a program aimed at historically underrepresented demographics in tech.
  • * Eng Practicum interns are paired with two engineering co-hosts and 1-2 other interns in the pod for mentorship and support.
  • * Eng Practicum interns work in all product areas and on production-level code and are in SWE, SETI, and SRE roles.
  • * Are assigned a mentor outside of their working group too.
  • * Participate in EP-specific technical and professional development trainings.
  • Application Opens: September

And some more opportunities offered by Google

Google Scholarships

  • * Google offers scholarships and travel grants to hundreds of students globally every year.
  • Applications Open: September

Google Summer of Code

  • * Program for students to work on open source projects throughout the summer while earning a stipend
  • Applications Open: Late March/early April

Some Learning opportunities offered by Google

Applied CS with Android

  • * Program that offers the opportunity to build Android games using CS concepts from data structures and algorithms classes
  • * Curriculum is available for use online - students can tackle it independently or students can start their own workshops

Code Jam

  • * Open competition for programmers globally to solve multiple rounds of algorithmic puzzles. Majority of the competition rounds are online.

Guide to Technical Development

  • * Re-launching this August, this is a resource that offers students guidance and tips on how to best prepare themselves for technical careers, primarily in software engineering. Aggregates online courses and other Google resources.